Sunday, July 17, 2016

The weekly post challenge

We entertained the idea for weeks. No, months now. Then it happened, my friend challenged me. This is what he wrote me.

I hereby challenge you to blog once a week, on the same day of each week, between midnight at the beginning of that day until midnight of the following day. We must announce on our blogs that this is our plan; that we will publish weekly on the same day.

It does not matter how long the posting is. Even a few sentences making up a short paragraph.

We will refer to one another's blogs in the first posting announcing weekly publishing. I choose Wednesday. It would be good if you would publish on Wednesdays too, but you can choose another day.

Challenge taken. I hereby announce I'll publish a post every Wednesday... until September. Then I'll re-examine how much I like the idea. Follow me. And follow my friend at The Dream Warrior.


  1. Okay, I created and posted on mine, but how to I connect and refer to yours and Theo's and anyone else's?

    1. Write a post on joining our challenge and link to our blogs. Edit the layout of your blog and add a Link List gadget with our blogs (I've just done that).