Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How we plan to use Trello for Scrum



  • Time spent and estimated
  • Burndown chart
  • Last release: v1.3 2014-02-16
  • No website, no source


  • No screenshot
  • Based on Scrum for Trello
  • Last release: 1.87, 2014-06-11
  • Links to developers provided
  • Not really suitable for project management


  • Last release: 2013-01-02
  • Wrong github link provided
  • Looks inactive

Points for Trello

  • Points are not always calculated
  • See Points for Trello - Combined edition for a more stable implementation

As an addition

Background Colors Cards for Trello

  • Uses only the six colors available for labels
  • When a card has more labels, the rightmost color is picked
  • Use it as an addition to a project management extension

Kanban WIP for Trello

  • You can add WIP limits to lists
  • The list becomes red when you exceed the set limit
  • Open source: https://github.com/NateHark/TrelloWIPLimits

Progress for Trello

  • Display a progress bar using cards or points from Scrum for Trello or checklist items
  • Open source: https://github.com/Cycododge/Progress-For-Trello

Trello Card Dependencies

  • Graph visualization
  • Click on cards to add or remove dependency between them

Projects for Trello

  • A card can be tagged with multiple project names
  • You cannot view cards for a tag
  • Based on Scrum for Trello
  • Open source: https://github.com/agebase/projects-for-trello

OGD’s enhancements for Trello

  • Summarize points
  • Different display of cards without points
  • Highlight cards with label color (they call it separator cards)


  • Sort cards by title, votes, due date, labels
  • Save cards in sorted order or revert to original order
  • Developer’s email provided
  • No source

Maybe (in descending order of how sophisticated it is)

Plus for Trello

  • Most sophisticated

Points for Trello - Combined Edition

  • Add points to card title, sum of points are displayed for each list, grandtotal for the whole board
  • Three types of points, depending on the parenthesis used
  • Based on Scrum for Trello and Points for Trello
  • Open source: https://github.com/jgraglia/Trello-Points

Scrum for Trello

  • Source: http://github.com/Q42/TrelloScrum
  • Summarize points for a list and for the whole board
  • Two types of points, depending on the parenthesis used
  • When cards are filtered, only the points on filtered cards are summed

The selected combination