Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Important things I don't do

I'm going home now because a guy is coming to fix the heating system. I'll work from home for a few hours. I'll take some notes for my research which I don't do at the office. It would be quite appropriate to take notes about my life as a software engineer while being in the office but I still don't do that. Just like going out to the gym to work out which I also don't do. I am considered to be a mature adult who can use his time, I'm free to come and go to the office any time. There are even some guys who have a special schedule like coming to the office only in the afternoon and work until late night. Another guy goes to late night parties one day, then takes a day off, then works two days without a stop. And I know of others who have similar issues as mine, they don't do things they find important.

I also notice while eating that I had enough but I carry on eating.

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