Sunday, July 27, 2014

Programmers as seen by an HR manager

I know these are generalizations, but...
  • Good programmers tend to be good musicians
  • They give straightforward answers, sometimes at the cost of hurting other people's feelings without intending to
  • They grasp the general structure and the gist of complex issues
  • They want to find a solution right away
  • It's difficult to find out what they're feeling in a situation. It can be pretty difficult for their managers.
  • They avoid conflicts and other emotionally loaded situations
  • They don't want to be (perceived as) nosy
  • They are afraid of being seen assholes or using their power. That's why they lean on having a laissez-faire attitude.
If I attended a conference on programmers' psychology, I'd expect to hear some stories. For example how a newly appointed manager overcame a difficult situation. Or how an introvert junior developer can share his or her ideas with the team.

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